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Seeing through the Eyes of April ~ a poem

by Kayce Stevens Hughlett

An invitation was issued (alas I can't remember where or by whom): Select a line from your journal for each day of the month of April and create a poem. It sounded like something I could do to honor National Poetry Month, so I accepted the challenge. What follows is a creation led by random journal writing, occasional tarot or oracle card pulling, and lots of intuition. I didn't re-read the previous day's line until the end of the month. So... without further ado, here it is. 

Sacred Invitation Deck - Jen TrulsonApril invites me to SEE

Sometimes simplicity means following the call of the wild…

witnessing those parts that don’t quite fit, yet beg for an orderly celebration.

A blasted crash delivers emergent feelings,

but I am here to heal,

to get down into the medicine. To ground. Release. Ground some more.


Listen to the messages that speak through the clutter of my mind and evoke understanding in ways I can’t quite describe,

like the Empress manifesting love and creation;

the edges of messiness… pushing, gliding, resisting, opening my eyes and breaking the chains.

See. Hear. Feel. Know.


You can take me down, turn me around, taunt me until I’m blue in the face, but I will prevail.

“Steady, my girl. Happiness is in the wind.”

It’s a tunnel into time. Open for me when I’m ready.

Note to self…

I am a tower of power, I just need to believe and trust.


Air beholds creativity, demanding existence, freedom, grace to

examine the colors and shapes of love carefully, wisely.

As much as my mind tries to distract me, Spirit keeps bringing me back to

the power I possess and am called to share.

I am awoken by calling, desires effusive,

the generational healer of my family.


Never underestimate the power of showing up…

Of nourishment.

And then the devilish bastard pops up and says, “Are you ready for the shadow?”

More? I say. Seriously?

Be mindful of my heart… of loneliness, the bailiwick I lay upon myself.


Listen. I have exposed my heart to the world. Time to get comfortable with it.

Be present and let my heart take flight.

But I was raised to be silent.


And then a giant full moon rises over the mountain and

the day the vortex found me arrives.

I see. I listen. I know.




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