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live it to give it is all about love and connection. Being authentic. Living our lives and sharing it with others. Life is messy and so is this blog. Somedays my organized coach self shows up. Other days it's my vulnerable author. There's a mom that lives inside me alongside a wife, friend, creative muse, ponderer extraordinaire, and multitude of others. I'll introduce you to people who inspire me and offer a peek into my world that very likely intersects with your world. In other words, I will share life in its full, glorious mess with you. I'm honored you're here and I hope you'll come back soon!!  Cheers! Kayce 



Melancholy: an important color of writing

The cawing crows know the truth that lies beneath and speak it aloud with their foul-mouthed calls. The wasps that gnaw on my back porch whisper about more hidden details waiting to be uncovered.

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The Road Less Traveled: My Take 

A border is an imaginary line, permeable, flexible, sometimes rigid. It is an illusion like the force field surrounding the Amazonian island in the movie Wonder Woman. It is a force, yes… but it can be broken and crossed, just like the path to the road less taken.

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Anxious B's Careen Down Eternity: #whyiwrite

I am a writer. It’s who I am and what I be. However, it’s not always what I do. Sometimes writing looks a lot like cleaning out closets, strolling around my neighborhood, or perusing photos I’ve taken. What stops you from moving forward in your life? Are you careening toward freedom or stuck in your own tracks?

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Enriched by Diversity: Unpacking India & Nepal (3)

Our lives are enriched by diversity, not isolation… These are words I shared with a friend earlier today as she looked at a handful of photos from my recent trip to India. I can’t get India and Nepal out of my mind. I see the multitude of faces I encountered, hear the sounds of morning call to prayer and honking horns, and smell the aromas of sweet incense and fresh cow dung. I ponder the current fear mongering and terrorist tactics in the world that threaten our free way of life.

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Arriving & Returning: Unpacking India & Nepal (2)

It's good to be home and it feels strange. So quiet. No dogs barking or horns honking. Only the sound of Aslan purring and the occasional pouring rain on our metal roof. I feel the pull to watch Hulu or Netflix. I could easily get lost in there while my mind begs to grasp where I've been, where I'm going, and what do I do with it all?

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