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Welcome to SoulStrolling™! We have created this site for those who want to take their personal journeys to a new level—whether at home or faraway. This is not about being frantic tourists. Therefore, we are not tour guides. We are, instead, pilgrims seeking a meaningful way of being and living. We are about creating and sharing soul-full experiences, and moving forward with intention each day whether at home or in a new city or foreign country.

Pause. Take a look around. Allow your soul to take a stroll. We are delighted you’ve chosen to join us in this space. You can find the Principles of SoulStrolling here. 

SoulStrolling™ is a trademark of Sharon Richards and Kayce Stevens Hughlett. 

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Laryngitis in Paris - on losing and finding my voice

What happens when the fork in the road is not of your choosing? What happens when you’re co-leading SoulStrolling à Paris and lose your voice for 4 days? The following quote, from “For the Traveler” by John O’Donahue, takes on a deeper, more introspective meaning: “When you travel, a new silence goes with you, and if you listen, you will hear what your heart would love to say.”

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Did 'ecstasy roll at my feet?' Hiking Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

What happens when you combine one excited American SoulStroller and 400,000 pilgrims for a 2:00 a.m. climb up 5500 stairs? Sharon Richards shares her compelling story in this not-to-be-missed post.

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Love Poem for Paris

You welcome me over and over again as I return to hold your hand and lose myself upon your cobblestone streets.

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SoulStrolling in Bangalore

How do you SoulStroll in a city with over ten million people, constant noise, traffic, pollution and poverty; yet paradoxically hosts greening trees, blossoming bougainvillea, an incredibly hospitable culture and people, delicious food, colors galore and fascinating history? You carry your soul and awareness with tenderness, and an open heart toward whatever may be.

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The Life in Language

Author Starla J. King shares her own brand of SoulStrolling™ through the experience of language. King says, “Language is a full-experience expression with a life of its own, richly textured in all the senses, and worthy of rapt attention at all times.” Her words about hearing French spoken in her local coffee shop inspire luscious dreams of travel to foreign lands.

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